Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Fate of Arsenal

Another season of England's finest Football league is coming to an end, but this year, unlike last's Arsenal find themselves in a difficult position. With the elusive 4th place (which guarantee's another season of Champions League football) just within their grasp, Arsenal must win their important match against relegation candidates Newcastle United. Unlike last season, Arsenal this year have Tottenham just a hairpin behind them, so an Arsenal draw this weekend and a Tottenham win would put Tottenham into the Champions League for the first time in the 21st century, and would see Arsenal out of the Champions League after 17 consecutive years.

Manchester United have already reclaimed the title after Manchester City snatched it away last year thanks to Sergio Aguero's injury time goal, so their Champions League spot is sealed. Second and third place teams Manchester City and Chelsea have both secured Champions League, leaving only one spot left for either Arsenal or Tottenham to take.

Arsenal have been on a good streak over the last couple games, trying to end the season strong, while Newcastle have been struggling to keep up with last years magnificent form. But with Newcastle fighting hard to avoid relegation, you might never know what tricks they may pull off that would catch Arsenal off guard. Tottenham vs. Sunderland could also prove to be a tricky fixture, but with Gareth Bale proving to lift Tottenham out of their misery, it is most probably an easy Tottenham win.

This year's Champions League fate lies in Arsenals own hands, a win would guarantee what many fans feared would not happen back in January. It is all up to them, and no Champions League will prove to be a huge disappointment.

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