Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Is Blogging a useful tool in the Classroom?

Blogging is a useful tool in an english class which in many cases will lead to positive outcomes. If one person is committed and loves to blog, many times this can have an extremely positive outcome, because when you blog, you are improving yourself. When people blog, they search the dictionary for words to use that may make their writing more elaborate, or even search world news to find ideas that you could possibly blog about. In addition, blogging is essentially writing an ongoing narrative about a certain topic, and by doing this you are improving your basic writing skills. The more you write, the better you get. On the other hand, if you have a blog but you rarely blog on it, this would become a problem and a colossal waste of time for yourself and the teachers who are trying to incorporate blogging into your daily english class. I feel that blogging could become especially helpful when there is something wrong going in your life (especially during teenage years), and you just need to express your feelings. You could do that by blogging, and if you are lucky other people out there are feeling the same thing or have experienced it and could help you out. Blogging could also improve one's relationship with another person, even in the same class. When you blog and others read it, they could find out much more about your personality, likes and dislikes which would strengthen your relationship with classmates and peers. I ultimately believe that blogging is a great tool which has a lot of advantages and can really help you out in many different aspects. Blogging can really strengthen bonds between you and others and can help you through tough times, and many times will lead to you being a happier person.

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