Monday, 14 January 2013

2013 Ballon D'or

Another year has gone by, another year of our precious childhood gone, and where many will be looking for new opportunities to start fresh, have resolutions and plans for the coming year, the football diehards love the new year as it is the time FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) unveils the supreme World 11. If you are unaware of
what I am talking about, every year FIFA releases the top 11 players who have performed spectacularly over the last year and the best wins the ultimate prize, the Ballon d’Or. All the players who are named in the World XI are the top in their position, no matter what league or what nationality.
Lionel Messi, just like the past 4 years has won the all elusive Ballon d’Or for his stunning 91 goals in a single season. The prize was undoubtedly his since he first stepped foot into the Kongresshaus in Zurich, but what triggered a lot of questions from viewers around the world was that the remaining 10 were all (just like Messi) from the Spanish league.
You may argue and say that although there are all from the same league, they might just be that talented in football and that is why they were chosen for the top 11, but thousands if not millions would disagree. Take Gerard Pique, Spanish center back playing for FC Barcelona and his national team. 2012 was what many would argue his worst season, starting off with an injury which put his starting place in Barcelona into contention, and after finally returning having a bad season overall. Despite all these negative aspects, he still finds himself once again in FIFA’s World 11. Next in line is Dani Alves, Brazilian right back who plays also for FC Barcelona. He started off the 2012 campaign by breaking a collarbone, and after returning to the team, his form got increasingly worse until there were speculations that he would leave the club sometime during 2012. And regardless of any of this, he finds himself in the World 11 when he honestly didn’t deserve it.
The list goes on and on about players that did not deserve to be in the spectacular World 11, of course FIFA cannot get it all correct, but in every almost every single position of the pitch, there were better options they could have chose. PSG’s Thiago Silva had a staggering season with AC Milan during the 2012 campaign which led to his being sold to Paris Saint German (PSG) for a fee of around 42 Millions euro’s, and yet he was not even mentioned in the World 11.
There were so many players that could have arguably had better seasons than this years Ballon d’Or contenders which is what caused many to wonder if FIFA really made the right decision basing their team around 2 clubs, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona (with the exception of Falcao, also in the Spanish League).

Messi for the third time in a row wining the all elusive Ballon d'Or

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