Saturday, 6 October 2012

World Cup

As most of you might know, the World Cup is a football (soccer) version of the olympics. It takes place every four years in different places around the world with the last hosts being South Africa. Unlike the Olympics where many different sports are played around a track and field, swimming pool etc...  The World Cup consists of one sport and only 32 nations. It is the most widely viewed sporting event on earth, and an estimated 715.1 million people watched the finals in Germany in 2006.

Being German and an avid supporter of the young and promising German national side, it can sometimes be very frustrating watching your side for the last six years do so well yet loose in the semi finals many times because of sheer luck.  It almost seems like the Germans are doing that on purpose.

With the World Cup in 2014 looming ahead in Brazil, my parents have decided that we are going to travel to Brazil to support the almighty, more experience and even better German side. I pray to whoever is up there in the skies that once in my life I would like to see my German side hold up that ever elusive golden World Cup trophy.

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