Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Review on English Book

Over the last two days, I have been reading a novel called Mutation, which is part of a series called The Phoenix Files. Only after reading the first chapter did I notice that the book did not give a basic introduction of the main character, the location and what was going on. I finally noticed that this was the third book in the series, but I found it enjoyable and wanted to continue and maybe pick up what happend in the last two books.
The story already started off taking place in a cemetery where a funeral was going on, but the death of the victim was actually caused by the person who was giving a very solemn speech about this man. The main character in this case is the only person in Phoenix (a city) who actually knows the real story, about how Shackleton, the big boss of a company where everybody works at murdered the poor man. All of a sudden, a huge explosion suddenly happens, and a massive fire breaks out and soon enough the whole cemetery will be besieged. Jordan, the main character curiously stayed back to find out what was really going on, while everybody was heading back to their homes to be safe. She overhears Shackleton and one of the main officers discussing how to tell this incident to the citizens of Phoenix, and eventually concluded to tell everybody it was set up by them...
After reading this part, I got hooked to the book. This basically lures you to read more to find out who are these (or this) mysterious people that Shackleton was talking about, and how Jordan is going to somehow save Phoenix or the world from what is about to happen next.

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