Monday, 10 September 2012

Review on English Class

The one thing that I have learned a lot about this year was to show my writing, not to tell. In the past years all my peers always gave me a little advice to express  my feelings a little better, and my teachers always touched base on this style of writing but never really made me change my writing to show not tell. This year we really focused on that, and because of this my writing has become better in a lot of different aspects. 

I enjoy our discussion table a lot because instead of always having to raise our hand and then share our thoughts we can speak openly, without needing to take turns. Everyone can raise their opinion, one at a time without needing to raise our hand. I find this method also effective because then the teacher does not always have to take responsibility of the whole class, and pick on a student to share what they think, but instead can sit back and just listen to the students agree, disagree or contribute to what another student thinks. 

There is nothing right now in english class that I would like to change or tweak a little bit. I enjoy everything that we currently do in this class. I hope that in the future will we still have lots of opportunity to free write, and express all our feelings and thoughts at the round table.


  1. How do you think we can get more people involved in the discussions. It can be a bit dull to gar the same 5 people speak all the time, especially if one of those people is me.

  2. The round table is indeed a great idea.I agree on how you said the round table allows us to speak freely. Great description on our class!

  3. I think that one way we could really make people discuss and talk was if we made a rule that at least once per class everyone would have to raise an opinion, but it can be at anytime they want. Instead of forcing them to do it on the spot, they have time to think about what the would like to share. This method might make people want to talk a little more but not in way that they feel forced to share their opinions and thoughts.